Vol 11, No 1 (2016)

Table of Contents

Front Matter

11.1 Front Matter


Introduction: Envisioning Engaged Infrastructures for Community Writing
Veronica House, Seth Meyers, Shannon Carter
Write. Persist. Struggle: Sponsors of Writing and Workers’ Education in the 1930s
Deborah Mutnick
A Constructive Approach to Infrastructure: Infrastructure ‘Breakdowns’ and the Cultivation of Rhetorical Wisdom
Jennifer L Clifton, Jordan Loveridge, Elenore Long
Cultivating the Flow of Community Literacy
Paul Feigenbaum
The Powerful Potential of Relationships and Community Writing
Laurie Cella, Eli Goldblatt, Karen Johnson, Paula Mathieu, Steve Parks, Jessica Restaino
Keep Writing Weird: A Call for Eco-Administration and Engaged Writing Programs
Veronica House
Against Infrastructure: Curating Community Literacy in a Jail Writing Program
Tobi Jacobi
Unmasking Corporate-Military Infrastructure: Four Theses
Vani Kannan, Benjamin Kuebrich, Yanira Rodríguez
From Reciprocity to Interdependence: Mass Incarceration and Service-Learning
Phyllis Mentzell Ryder
Designing an Engaged Swarm: Toward a Techne for Multi-Class, Interdisciplinary Collaborations with Nonprofit Partners
Sean Ronan McCarthy
Working within the System: the Effects of Standardized Testing on Education Outreach and Community Writing
Elizabeth Parfitt, Stephen Shane
Staging Stories that Heal: Boal and Freire in Engaged Composition
Nichole Lariscy
Narrative Medicine: Community Poetry Heals Young and Old
Allison Smith Walker
Building Infrastructures for Community Engagement at the University of Louisville: Graduate Models for Cultivating Stewardship
Keri Mathis, Megan Faver Hartline, Beth A. Boehm, Mary P. Sheridan
A Writing Retreat at the Intersection of WAC and Civic Engagement
Catherine Savini
CCCC Statement on Community-Engaged Projects in Rhetoric and Composition