: Issue 12.1, a Special Issue on "The Past, Present, and Future of Self-Publishing"

We are currently in production with 12.1 and will ship copies mid-November!

Edited by Jason Luther, Frank Farmer, and Stephen Parks

"Editor's Introduction"
Jason Luther, Frank Farmer, and Stephen Parks

“'Just Sitting in a Cell, You and Me'”: Sponsoring Writing in a County Jail"
Michelle Curry and Tobi Jacobi

“Making Fanfic: The (Academic) Tensions of Fan Fiction as Self-Publication"
Chelsea Murdock

 “Ownership, Access, and Authority: The Role of Community Publishing in (Re)Membering Community”
 Terese Guinsatao Monberg

"Writing Boston: Graffiti Bombing  as Community Publishing"
Charlie Lesh

"Why Print Still Matters: A Manifesto”  
Paula Mathieu

Book & New Media Reviews 
Jessica Shumake & Saul Hernandez

Cover Art
Title: “Circulation”
Artist: Sadie Shorr-Parks

Artist's Statement

“Circulation” was created for this special issue of the Community Literacy Journal in an attempt to convey how ideas circulate within a community before radiating out. Collage seemed like the natural choice for a medium, since it calls forth zines, flyers, and other commonplace forms of community publishing. The final image is vaguely reminiscent of a rose, which seemed fitting, given the rose’s ubiquity in local art, ranging from the political to the poetic.

Sadie Shorr-Parks is a creative writer who teaches writing at Shepherd University.