: Editors’ Farewell & Welcome to Veronica House and Paul Feigenbaum

When we started the Community Literacy Journal in 2005, we were worried that we would not successfully solicit enough manuscripts for Issue 1.1. We were wrong: as a result of that initial Call for Papers, we received enough manuscripts for two years — four issues — which led us to believe that maybe our timing had been good. It was better than we had hoped for: along the way, we have made many good friends and new colleagues, published several graduate students’ and emerging scholars’ work for their first publications, and learned how deeply people in our field care about their communities and the people who live there, and about community literacy in all of its forms, humane contexts, and methodologies. 

We have also been able to work closely with both MA and PhD students on genuine and generative professional development activities in editing, graphic design, open-access protocols, and other aspects of scholarly publishing, and we will remain grateful for their contributions both to the field and to the journal. 

Thank you. 

It would be impossible to mention everyone who has contributed to the journal’s success in small and large ways since the beginning, but there have been some people without whom we would not have made it this far: 

At Michigan Technological University, in the Department of Humanities: Mariana “Mare” Grohowski, Matthew Siegal, Jill Arola, Roxane Gay, Shaughn Kern, Jim Nugent, Evelyn JohnsonRobert Johnson (Department Chair), and Ronald Strickland, (Department Chair). 

At the University of Arizona, in the Department of English: Maria Conti, Rachael Wendler Shah, Jim Bowman, Melody Bowdon, Regina Kelly, Janel Murakami, Jennifer deWinter, Stephanie Vie, Jessica Shumake, Saul Hernandez (via Georgia College and State University), Daylanne Markwardt, Rachel Buck, Larry Evers (Department Head) and Lee Medovoi (Department Head). 

At DePaul University, in the Department of Writing, Rhetoric & Discourse: Amanda Gaddam, Sarah Hughes, Eric Plattner, Ekram Othman, Delasha Long, Lisa Dush, Dana Dunham, Tricia Hermes, and Peter Vandenberg (Department Chair). 

As we prepare to hand over the reins to Veronica House and Paul Feigenbaum, for whom we have deep respect as community literacy scholars and the highest confidence as editors, we would like to express our gratitude to them and to you — editorial board members, authors, copy editors, peer reviewers, cover-art contributors, mentors, and readers — thank you! 

John Warnock, University of Arizona 
Michael R. Moore, DePaul University