Cover Us

The Community Literacy Journal invites your photo art for future covers. We especially would like to feature cover photos that evoke diverse communities, the complexities of communities, the visuals, text, and rhetoric of communities, and the importance of communities.

Submission requirements:

 Prints should be no larger than 9.5" (tall) x 12.25" (wide) with a 1/4" bleed for printing.

Our printer, Parlor Press, suggests that, to allow for accurate spine size and placement, that you create and edit your art in Photoshop, but add and edit your text in InDesign, which will result in a vector image. That way, the printer can make adjustments as needed, protecting the integrity of your image, should the spine size change during pre-production and printing.

 300 DPI or higher
 Image files should be saved in TIF CMYK format (the higher the better). 

We offer three complimentary copies of the journal and publish your Artist's Statement; your copyright remains with you.

Queries: Michael Moore --

Send your image to,
Michael R. Moore
Department of Writing, Rhetoric, & Discourse
802 West Belden Avenue
DePaul University
Chicago, IL 60614