New CLJ Book & New Media Review Editor

a Jennifer deWinter, Assistant Professor and Co-Director Professional Writing at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, joins us as Book & New Media Review Editor. Among Jennifer's goals for the Book & New Media Review section: " I will be instituting a "Keywords" essay in the book review section. Currently, there is more literature available than we are able to review in a semi-annual publication. As such, we at the journal have decided to include a thematic synthesis essay organized under key themes in the field of community literacy: community literacy (obviously), methodology, service learning, international service, youth programs, and so forth.

"These essays will serve the purpose of collecting the sources and putting them in conversation with one another in order to appreciate where we have been as a field of study and where we will go."

If you are interested in writing one of these essays -- or submitting book & media reviews -- please contact Jennifer at