Writing Democracy 2012: Envisioning a Federal Writers’ Project for the 21st Century

CCCC 2012, St. Louis
From Deborah Mutnick and Shannon Carter, Co-Chairs:

We hope you can join us at CCCC 2012 for "Writing Democracy 2012: Envisioning a Federal Writers’ Project for the 21st Century," an afternoon workshop in conversation with Jeff Grabill, Kathi Yancey, Steve Parks, Catherine Hobbs, Laurie Grobman, Brian Hendricks, and others, with co-chairs Deborah Mutnick and Shannon Carter (see complete description at http://writingdemocracy.wordpress.com/cccc-2012/).

Whether or not you can attend the afternoon workshop, we'd love to get you involved in Writing Democracy. We are especially interested in hearing from those of you involved with locally-driven research, teaching, and outreach projects with national implications. 

We invite 25-100 word descriptions of these projects, accompanied a link to any relevant textual, video, and/or audio representations of your own local projects (examples and details at http://writingdemocracy.wordpress.com/2011/06/14/share-your-local-projects/). At least two weeks before the workshop, we'll bring these descriptions and links together at writingdemocracy.org. Through this portal, workshop leaders will facilitate an online discussion regarding a wide range of projects nationwide, analyzing commonalities and differences and drawing conclusions about how they might form the basis of FWP 2.0.

Happy New Year, everyone! See you in St. Louis!

Shannon Carter and Deborah Mutnick