: CFP: Engaging the Possibilities of Disability Studies

Call for Papers
Reflections: A Journal of Public Rhetoric, Civic Writing and Service-Learning
Special Issue – Fall 2014
Engaging the Possibilities of Disability Studies
Co-editors Bre Garrett and Allison Hitt
In the past decade, disability studies has increasingly informed the work of writing and rhetoric. Scholars in composition theory and pedagogy, rhetorical history, digital writing, civic and public writing, technical and professional communication, and writing center studies have turned to the lens of disability studies to question and challenge the field’s normative treatment of students and writing practices. This special issue will be devoted to the important intersections between disability studies and public rhetoric, civic writing, and service learning. In his rhetorical reading of disability studies and composition, Robert McRuer defines disability as an “open mesh of possibilities….” How might teachers, scholars, and activists work together to re-engage disability studies as a productive site of possibility?
Some questions that we encourage contributors to engage with include, but are in no way limited to, the following:
• What possibilities emerge when placing disability, literacy, and pedagogy in conversation?
• How does a focus on disability foreground issues of access and inclusion in the teaching of writing and rhetoric?
• How does disability studies inform or transform service learning?
• How is disability a site of productivity and innovation for literacy practice and/or teachers?
• What are the political and ethical implications of disability advocacy, disabled rhetorical practices, and engaging with disability communities in writing communities?
• How can scholars, teachers, activists, and workers create meaningful partnerships with disability activists and community groups?
• What can the academy or public sphere learn from disability culture?

We welcome electronic submissions no longer than 20 double-spaced pages that conform to current MLA or APA guidelines for format and documentation. Submissions may include scholarly manuscripts focusing on theory or pedagogy, literacy narratives, poetry, artwork, and interviews with leading workers in the intersecting fields of disability studies, civic writing, public rhetoric, and service learning. Your name or other identifying information should not appear in the submission itself. Please include your name(s) and contact information, title of the submission, and an abstract (about 100 words) in the body of your email message. The deadline for submissions is July 15, 2014. Please attach submissions as a Word or Word-compatible file and email to Bre Garrett (rgarrett@uwf.edu) and Allison Hitt (ahhitt@syr.edu).