Vol 14, No 2 (2020)

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Front Matter

Note From the Editors

Editors' Introduction
Paul Feigenbaum, Veronica House, Cayce Wicks, Vincent Portillo

Keynote Addresses

"All I Need Is One Mic": A Black Feminist Community Meditation on the Work, the Job, and the Hustle (& Why So Many of Yall Confuse This Stuff)
Carmen Kynard
Amplifying Community Voices through Public Art
Michelle Angela Ortiz
The Contemplative Concerns of Community Engagement: What I Wish I Knew about the Work of Community Writing Twenty Years Ago
Paula Mathieu


Maria Varela's Flickering Light: Literacy, Filmstrips, and the Work of Adult Literacy Education in the Civil Rights Movement
Michael Dimmick
"What Is It That's Going on Here?": Community Partner Frames for Engagement
Rachael W. Shah
Listening with šǝqačib: Writing Support and Community Listening
Joe Concannon, Boo Balkan Foster
Allies in Progress: The Public-School Institutions We’ve Ignored
Lance Langdon

Issues in Community Literacy

Pedagogy of and for the Public: Imagining the Intersection of Public Humanities and Community Literacy
Jacob Burg
When Tactical Hope Doesn’t Feel Like Enough: A Graduate Student’s Reflection on Precarity and Community-Engaged Research
Megan McCool
“We Move Together”: Reckoning with Disability Justice in Community Literacy Studies
Adam Hubrig

Project and Program Profiles

The 1967 Project
Thomas Trimble, Patricia Baldwin, Christine Lawson, Mansoor Mubeen
Food for Thought: Constructing Multimodal Identities through RecipeCreation with Homeless Youth
Amanda Hill

Note from the Book and New Media Reviews Editor

From the Book and New Media Review Editor’s Desk
Jessica Shumake

Book and New Media Reviews

Third Space: A Keyword Essay
Sherita V. Roundtree, Michael Shirzadian
Rewriting Partnerships: Community Perspectives on Community-Based Learning
Charisse S. Iglesias
Surrender: Feminist Rhetoric and Ethics in Love and Illness
Rosanne Carlo
Changing the Subject: A Theory of Rhetorical Empathy
Anita Voorhees